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Corporate News

January 2006
XML RSS news feeds added to Cyber | News Online

We are pleased to announce the addition of XML/RSS news feeds (see sample XML/RSS) to our online publishing system Cyber | News Online. XML/RSS feeds allow users to pull the latest news headlines, blogs, site info and other content straight onto their desktop and into online news readers – and the feeds allow selected content from our clients to be displayed on other websites for greater publicity. RSS feeds are a great alternative to email newsletters, which can be blocked or damaged by anti-spam systems.

November 2005
Cyber Photo Story Maker released

We have added a new feature to Cyber | Photo Gallery Manager which allows users to produce photo stories and slide shows at the click of a button. This is an important addition to our range of publishing products – in particular it adds a new dimension to Cyber | News Online, allowing our clients to deliver news in new ways.

October 2005
Cyber Photo Gallery Manager announced

The beta version of our Photo Gallery Manager is now available. This interesting product helps you to organize photographs into galleries, resize images for the web, generate thumbnail galleries, and so on. It will form the basis for a suite of systems designed to help users publish photos, images and other media.

September 2005
Products for the Travel Industry announced

Cyber-dynamics is pleased to report that it is beginning the development of a suite of products designed for the travel industry. If you are interested in participating please contact us.

August 2005
Cyber | Content Manager enhancements

We are pleased to announce the development of a completely new approach to content management, building on our very successful Cyber | Content Manager system and extending its versatility to the Internet. This product will be available by the first quarter of 2006 and promises to change the way that corporations and non-profit organizations communicate with their clients.

June 2005
Cyber | Comms Manager launched

We have now released to the public our highly-successful Cyber | Comms Manager email, fax and SMS application. This is a completely re-developed product, based on our successful Listmailer, which allows users to send highly-personalized messages, newsletters and other information to your clients, prospects, investors, and other third parties, at the click of a button. Comms Manager includes advanced mailing list management, a powerful editor to help you produce perfect plain text and rich text (HTML) emails and messages, and many other features of note.

May 2005
Cyber | Content Manager released

We have successfully completed the first phase of development of a new content management system, designed to make it easy to produce proposals, quotations, brochures and other highly detailed and highly personalized Word and PDF documents with a few clicks. This will help users to enhance efficiency and improve customer relationships in a very significant way.

April 2005
Cyber | News Online launched

Following a successful implementation with Cayman Free Press, we are pleased to announce the release of Cyber | News Online – an intelligent, easy-to-use software package which does all the hard work in publishing a newspaper or magazine online, leaving you free to concentrate on your message and brand. Publish online in a matter of weeks at an unbelievably low cost.

March 2005
Cyber CRM launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website,, designed to help you with your Customer Relationship Management. Our CRM products will help you to understand your clients and deliver better customer service, thereby growing revenue, reducing costs, and enhancing profitability.

January 2005
Another record year

2004 was another record year for Cyber-dynamics, and we have an exciting program of new products and services to roll out in the year ahead. We have number of products under development including Cyber | News Online, Cyber | Comms Manager, Cyber | Photo Gallery Manager and a new Cyber | Content Management system.

25th October 2004
Cyber-dynamics launches Cayman Free Press website

Cyber-dynamics today launched the Cayman Free Press (CFP) corporate website. This is the first website in a series of sites for Cayman Free Press – publisher of the Cayman Islands’ leading daily newspaper, the Caymanian Compass.

The Caymanian Compass website is due for completion in late November, and will bring the islands’ favourite newspaper to the Internet for the first time.

8th September 2004
Cyber-dynamics announces expansion of R&D center

Cyber-dynamics’ senior management have announced plans to relocate the Asia-Pacific R&D center, in order to allow for growth and development. The relocation is expected to begin this month, and be completed by January 2005. Research and Development projects will not be adversely affected during this period as the relocation is to be implemented in scheduled phases.

19th July 2004
Cyber-dynamics finds new opportunities in South Africa

Cyber-dynamics today announced that it is looking to expand into the South African Internet Services and Business Software market. Alex Peterson, a project manager who has been identified by senior management as a ‘rising star’ in the company, cited the existing infrastructure and the entrepreneurial spirit of South African businesses as key factors in the decision. "Many South African companies are aware of the need to enhance their online visibility. Unfortunately, the infrastructure in the country is not able to support these needs. We are offering a new solution, which will ultimately lead to increased profitability for many South Africans".

Cyber-dynamics has also indicated that it is looking for new IT partners in South Africa to assist with the company’s expansion plans.

1st June 2004
New version of the Cyber-dynamics newsletter launched

Cyber-dynamics today launched a fully re-vamped version of its popular newsletter, covering business, technology and corporate news. Naturally, the newsletter is produced using Cyber | Newsletter – an advanced content management system which allows our editor to produce first class results using just Microsoft Word documents. The system allows the editor to create richly formatted newsletters, web pages and images, and integrate and upload them without requiring any real IT knowledge. Also unsurprisingly, the newsletter is distributed using our own emailer and mailing list management system, Cyber | Listmailer. In addition to the obvious, this system will import any mailing list, allows the personalization of plain or rich text emails with or without attachments, and it has its own SMTP engine that you can use if your ISP doesn’t appreciate you sending thousands of emails in one hit. The web-based version – Cyber | Listmailer SE – enhances work sharing and allows users to send personalized emails from wherever they happen to be.

19th May 2004
Cyber | Advanced User Management system v3.0 launched

Cyber-dynamics today launched version 3.0 of the Cyber | Advanced User Management system. This ugrade to our well-established system provides many new features for fast implementation and reliable use. The Cyber | Advanced User Management system provides the premier gateway into systems which manage user accounts, customer relations, subscriptions, archives, etc – automating user administration and providing all core functionality such as sign up, log in, verify user, forgot pasword, change user name, change password, maintain profile and system administration. Running on UNIX, Linux and Windows, the system can use any SQL database system including MySQL/Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc. The system is also available with Cyber-dynamics own flexible database system for simple and low cost implemetation for up to 100,000 users.

16th April 2004
New identity for our business software group

Cyber-dynamics dot biz was launched today, marking another landmark in our expansion phase. The dot biz site gives our business software group their own identity and introduces many of our exciting software products. It complements our dot net site for Internet services. We also plan to launch a dot info site in a few months’ time, which will encompass our information management services.

8th March 2004
New Recruitment Drive

Cyber-dynamics HR Department today embarked on a new recruitment drive. To support our ever increasing levels of new business, we are looking for good people who share our commitment to quality and our vision for success. We are expanding our technical development *, customer support and marketing & sales teams in several key locations.

* Technical development requirements include people with experience of one or more of the following: C++, Delphi, XHTML, Flash, multimedia, design, editing, and project management.

20th February 2004
Cyber-dynamics International Inc acquires intellectual property

The Board of Directors of Cyber-dynamics announced that Cyber-dynamics International Inc has acquired the intellectual property of the Cyber-dynamics Group as part of the Group’s reorganization and positioning for further growth in 2004.

31st January 2004
Cyber-dynamics International Inc established

The Board of Directors of Cyber-dynamics today announced that they have established Cyber-dynamics International Inc as part of their preparations for expansion in 2004.

6th January 2004
Cyber-dynamics Group to raise growth capital

Following a record-breaking year in 2003, the Board of Directors announced that they are seeking professional guidance to help the Corporation raise additional working capital needed to support growth during 2004 – with a view to planning an initial public offering (IPO).

1st December 2003
Cyber-dynamics announces expansion plans

The Board of Directors announced their corporate strategy for 2004 – which includes expansion of sales and customer support facilities into a number of new countries and the release of a series of new software packages.

1st October 2003
Cyber-dynamics signs contract to put daily newspaper online

The Directors of Cyber-dynamics announced that they have signed a significant contract with Cayman Free Press (CFP) to put a daily newspaper and a number of other publications online.

14th August 2003
Cyber-dynamics completes Government security project.

Earlier this week, cyber-dynamics completed a large Government project which focused on the key issues of security and encryption. The project had been started in January, and was finished ahead of schedule.

24th July 2003
Second of three projects completed for the Abby Group.

On the 24th July, Cyber-dynamics completed the second of three roll-out projects for the Abby Group. The final project is due for completion before the end of November.

2nd June 2003
New release of cyber | voting software  (interactive demo)

A new extended version of the popular cyber | voting web server software was released on 2nd June. Not only does it add real-time interactivity to websites, but it also provides an option for webmasters to obtain valuable feedback from users. At the product launch, the technical director outlined the new features which make it easier to customize and install the software.

26th May 2003
First of three projects completed for the Abby Group.

On the 26th May, Cyber-dynamics completed the first of three roll-out projects for the Abby Group. The second project is due for completion within the next couple of months.

21st May 2003
New contract with US stock footage library

Cyber-dynamics was awarded the contract to develop and promote an ecommerce website for a major US stock footage library with the world's largest private collection of audio and video recordings of military events in the 20th Century.

20th May 2003
Cyber-dynamics attends Microsoft 2003

Cyber-dynamics representatives were present when Microsoft launched Windows Server 2003 on Tuesday 20th May. This is Microsoft's fastest Windows server and, they claim, their most robust server to date. For Windows developers, it offers a powerful XML development environment with enhanced administration tools. Cyber-dynamics is a Microsoft partner and authorized reseller.

9th May 2003
The new Cyber-dynamics newsletter is launched.

The latest version of the Cyber-dynamics newsletter was launched this week. Improvements include: new articles, improved presentation, and new specialized content for regional subscribers.

15th April 2003
New deal signed with MyZoo Foundation.

Cyber-dynamics has agreed to become the primary technology partner of the MyZoo Foundation. The MyZoo Foundation was created in 2000 by Kathy Chua and Kitty Arce, and has since grown to become one of the most respected wildlife charities in South East Asia. The foundation aims to "transform zoos in general into effective educational institutions that inspire action towards the conservation of biodiversity...". Cyber-dynamics will be assisting the charity by developing an online presence and promoting the foundation throughout Europe, North America and South East Asia.

17th February 2003
Cyber-dynamics becomes Siemens Mobile Partner.

In accordnace with its policy of developing for the latest platforms and media, Cyber-dynamics has become a Siemen's Mobile Partner. We develop WAP, WML, Java and other systems for mobile phones and handheld devices.

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