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We develop, install, integrate and maintain off-the-shelf, customized, and custom developed software. We have the skills to provide solutions for all your business processing, information management and home needs.

We take time to understand your business requirements. Then we define the ways that technology can help. Next we select the most suitable architecture and development tools. We document this carefully, agree on objectives, and only then do we recommend off-the-shelf solutions or begin developing.

All our software is subject to the strictest quality control procedures and we pride ourselves on our remarkably robust and bug free products and solutions.

We develop operating system modifications, tools, utilities, and full applications, at the enterprise level right down to the smallest hand-held device. Naturally, we provide full online help, manuals and training as required.

We develop for all Platforms, including UNIX, Linux, Andriod and Windows. We develop in the key languages including C++, C#, Delphi/Pascal, Java, Jscript, and Visual Basic. We use appropriate technologies including objects, COM, .Net and so on.

In addition, we have developed our own objects and modules for key functions, including encryption, access control, document processing, multimedia, and all the key internet protocols including file transfer protocol (FTP), emails (SMTP and POP), browsing (HTTP) and so on. These units allow us to build robust and reliable custom software applications very rapidly and at remarkably low cost.

Products and Services
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